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Tee and Mo small logoTee and Mo is all about the daily adventures of a funny and precocious little monkey, Tee, and his clever and unstoppable mum, Mo. Stories, songs, and games explore everyday situations through the viewpoint of child and parent.

While Tee and Mo may want to do different things, there’s always plenty of fun to have by negotiating the challenges of daily life TOGETHER. Their light-hearted approach to problem-solving and teamwork inspire imaginative play and lead to care-giver and child bonding both on and off screen.


Tee and Mo are totally tuned into each other. Child and mother, they are at the centre of every story… They sometimes want to do different things, but they always end up having fun TOGETHER!


Tee on a scooter

Tee is an extremely energetic three-year-old monkey; behind that cute smile is a juggernaut of curiosity and great ideas!

Tee loves: playing in his awesome bed (complete with slide), growing berries for his pet rhino beetles, improving the value of any play situation (through the addition of his own boisterous energy), making art, and throwing action poses in front of his mirror.


Mo eating a sandwich

Mo is one of those ‘super monkey’ inventor mums you hear about. She can bring home the guava, cook it in a pan, and make a hot-air balloon to deliver it to Tee.

Community is important to Mo, and her helpful missions create high adventure and opportunity for fun and learning.

When Tee’s inexperience gets him into a pickle, Mo offers her guidance just enough for Tee to see the bigger picture, and together, the two can accomplish anything!


Lily and Tee painting footprints

Like an insistent sister, Lily can sometimes annoy Tee—she seems always to be wherever he is! In spite of this, the two are great friends, and Lily thinks that Tee is the best game in the jungle.

She likes to play Tee’s games like hide and seek, catch-the-beetle and tree climbing, but she also often plays ‘Lily’ games, like let’s pretend and ‘tea parties’… Tee generally tolerates these distractions from his usually chaotic activity, because he always wants to impress her!


Fly laughing

Fly is one energetic, oddball force… A flying squirrel, who revels in the feeling of flight as he spreads his arms and legs and leaps from tree to tree (sometimes carrying an exhilarated Tee on his back)!

While Tee admires Fly for his physical confidence, Fly loves Tee’s clever schemes and is ever loyal to his young monkey friend.

Mr Sloth

Mr Sloth hanging from a branch

Mr Sloth is a fastidious fellow who likes to keep everything in his life ‘just so’. He’s the kind of sloth who irons the leaves of his tree daily so that they all lay flat and smartly in order. Mr Sloth also owns the Jungle General, a store that has everything (and everything in its place).

Mr Sloth does possess a lighter side that always finds a way to shine through—he has a heartfelt laugh that rocks the jungle, most often caused by witnessing one of Mo’s clever inventions solving some task for him—he’s her very best customer!


Heidi and Mo sipping tea

Heidi is Mo’s best friend, and they have a lot in common—they are both mad for knitting, and can knit with just about anything (once turning a whole jungle bush into a leafy green sweater and matching socks together)!

While Heidi is socially nervous and a little uncomfortable out of doors (outside of her pond, at least), she never fails to produce a pot of jungle root tea whenever Mo visits. Tee has learned a lot about friendship in the presence of his mother and Heidi; Mo is just great at helping Heidi find her confidence—they both LOVE to dance!

Tee and Mo’s world

Tee and Mo's house in the jungle

Tee and Mo live in a tree house in the middle of the jungle. The jungle itself is an exciting place, full of terrific trees, righteous rivers, super swamps, and lots and lots of animals to make friends with. Adventure is around every corner!

Educational Endorsement

From Educational Consultant, Brian Neish

On the games:

“Synchronised fun and learning, giving a child and their parent/carer significant and memorable shared experiences… A means to reinforce narrative, content-based learning, as well as augment communication skills between parent and child via an interactive device”.

On routines:

“A focus on opportunities for certain routines between the characters in the morning, during the day and especially at night. The suggestion is that Mo will drive these, and Tee will respond is excellent for the younger audience, whilst providing cues for watching parents”.

On concepts of right and wrong:

“Concepts of right and wrong come across from a positive and encouraging approach as opposed to an overly didactic, formal or negative approach. Tee seems to learn from clear signals when he has done something wrong and responds in a manner that suggests he has learnt the right way for next time”.

On realistic depths of love between the characters:

“There is a great deal of warmth and love emanating from the story outlines in terms of how the characters behave together”.


Nomination: BAFTA Children’s Award (2016)

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Winner: Prix Jeunesse Best Interstitial (2016)

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Nomination: BAFTA Children’s Award (2014)

BAFTA Nominee Children's logo

Nomination: Prix Jeunesse Interactivity Prize (2014)

Prix Jeunesse International Munich

Shortlisted: Broadcast Digital Awards (2014)

Broadcast Digital Awards Finalist

Winner: UK Positive Content Competition (2013)

Best Content for Kids National Award 2013

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